Installation Labyrinth

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Kunst Station St. Peter, Cologne / Solo Exhibition ; SALZ / 2010 Photo: Stefan Worring

Continue drawing so I won’t forget.

“Labyrinth” – Inevitability and serendipity 

Drawing a road with salt; this is like a journey through my memories. My precious memories fade over time, but I want to lock them firmly in place before they disappear.
I determine an area for a goal of sorts and an area for memories on the floor, and then start drawing from there. When drawing, I am always hoping that my current self is connected to that goal, but during the process the salt road may bend in unintended directions or become disrupted. This is because as the the shape is formed, it is influenced not only by my shifts in emotion and physical condition, but also by the contours and humidity of the floor.
I cherish this process that results from certainty intertwining with chance.

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チャールストン大学 (サウスカロライナ) / フォース・オブ・ネイチャー / 2006 Photo: The Post and Courier
Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston (South Carolina) / Force of Nature / 2006 Photo: The Post and Courier
Ishikawa International Salon (Kanazawa) / C.A.R.K. 2006 / 2007
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Hiroshima Prefectural Museum / Peace Meets Art! / 2013
Fort of Aigues-Mortes (France) / UNIVERS’ sel / 2016
Roppongi Hilles, Tokyo / Roppongi Art Night 2016 / 2016
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Kunst Station St. Peter, Cologne / Solo Exhibition ; SALZ / 2010 Photo: Stefan Worring
Fort of Aigues-Mortes (France) / UNIVERS’ sel / 2016
Bellevue Arts Museum (Wasington) / Making Mends / 2012
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The Hermitage State Museum (Saint Petersburg) / Mono no Aware -The Beauty of Things- / 2013
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Hiroshima / AIR Onomichi 2007 / 2007
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1st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa / The Encounters in the 21st Century : Polyphony – Emerging Resonances / 2004

Making of the film
A video of the making of “Labyrinth”.

Fort of Aigues-Mortes (France) / UNIVERS’ sel / UNIVERS’ sel / 2016 制作の様子
Interview & Making of the film (viemo/English)
「Solo Exhibition:RETURN TO THE SEA」
production:Brady Welch / Arden Sherman 
offer:THE AVANT/GARDE, DIARIES / 2012 / 2′ 49″
Making of (YouTube)
production:Artemy Baranov
offer:Hermitage Museum / 2013 / 11′ 35″