“Beyond the Spacetime” – A Collaborative Exhibition with Antiques (YUKIKOMIZUTANI/Tokyo)

Beyond the Spacetime

The exhibition “Beyond the Spacetime” is currently being held at the YUKIKOMIZUTANI gallery in Tennozu, Tokyo, featuring my flat artworks. This exhibition is a collaborative project with Senshutey, a dealer in Chinese antiquities. It creates a new space where contemporary art meets the ancient aesthetic beauty that has transcended 5000 years of spacetime. We invite you to experience this convergence at the gallery.

February 24 (Sat.) – March 15 (Fri.), 2024

※ Exhibiting artists at YUKIKOMIZUTANI include: Akira Kugimachi, Enrique Yabiku Yuji, Tomoe Tsubamoto, and Motoi Yamamoto.

※ A gallery talk by Senshutey/Chiaki Oshima and Kenji Inoue is scheduled for 5:00 PM on February 24th (Sat.). We will delve into the materials, shapes, and decorations of antiques dating back to before the Common Era, reflecting on the history and stories they embody. If you’re interested, please come to our gallery at the specified date and time.

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