Coming Soon / Solo Show: Staying in Time (Tokyo, Japan)

A solo exhibition will be held at the gallery YUKIKOMIZUTANI in Tokyo.
In this exhibition, I will show works that I have been drawing with “time” and “season” as my cues, feeling the changes of the four seasons. I will be showing salt installation, digital drawing projected on a salt screen, labyrinths that have long been used as symbols of rebirth, two-dimensional works based on the motif of whirlpools, and a new series on the theme of butterflies.

Staying in Time
April 1 (Sat.) – May 6 (Sat.), 2023
YUKIKOMIZUTANI (Tokyo, Japan) Google Map

– Installation Work in Progress: March 30 (Thu.), 31 (Fri.) 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Opening Reception: April 1 (Sat.) 5:00pm – 7:00pm
– Return to the Sea Project: May 6 (Sat.) -Details undecided / About “Return to the Sea Project”

The gallery where the solo exhibition will be held, YUKIKOMIZUTANI, is located on the first floor of TERRADA ART COMPLEX II, the art complex of the Terada Warehouse, which opened in 2020. The building houses many of Japan’s leading art galleries.

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