Relay to Tokyo – Inheriting and gathering [Nonparticipation]

“Important Updates”
The exhibition in Athens will be held from July. It is a group exhibition that was postponed due to the influence of Covid-19. Unfortunately, I abandoned my travel because the restrictions on travel to Greece were not lifted. Would you check the latest information on the official website of JAPAN FOUNDATION, please?

“Relay to Tokyo”

March 18 (Thu.) – May 3 (Sun.)  July 15 (Wed.) – September 15 (Thu.)
Byzantine & Christian Museum (Athens)

Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition to be viewed through 2 key concepts, “integration” and “inheritance”, connecting the Olympics, Athens, and Tokyo. With a variety of artistic expressions by 7 6 artists along with an architect Kengo Kuma, this exhibition will present some of the finest pieces of Modern Art in Japan today.

Artist: Yu Araki, Kei Imazu, Kengo Kuma, Nobuaki Takekawa, Naoki Honjo, Paramodel Yasuhiko Hayashi and Motoi Yamamoto
Title of Motoi Yamamoto’s work: Hours in Crimson

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