Collaboration with Royal Copenhagen

I created a salt installation work for the presentation of the new products of Royal Copenhagen, a Danish tableware manufacturer. It is a collaboration with a salt pattern that looks like waves on a sandy beach.
The new Royal Copenhagen series, which expresses the horizon of the North Sea and the splash and swell of waves, is filled with the “feelings for the sea” of the Danish design unit KiBiSi.

Open to the public: July 6 (Sat.) and 7 (Sun.), 2019
Return to the Sea Project: July 7 (Sun.)

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT (Tokyo)

制作プロセス(YouTube 0’36”)
タイムラップ(YouTube 1’26”)
HAV × 山本基 – 海に還るプロジェクト vol.1(YouTube 0’21″)
HAV × 山本基 – 海に還るプロジェクト vol.2(YouTube 0’15″)

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