Short Documentary

This is a documentary film of Yamamoto work. In the summer of 2018, He installed the salt work for a commercial of the Sydney-based foreign remittance company “OFX”. The story behind Motoi Yamamoto’s salt art was made with the client who came from Sydney and the Japanese shooting crew. The director’s cut contains an interview, and also edited “The Return to the Sea”!


RETURN TO THE SEA : Motoi Yamamoto

Director of photography & editor : Hikari Homma
Additional photography : John Wells
Soundtrack composed & performed by Morgan Fisher
Directed by Hikari Homma & Andrew Thomas
Executive producer : Peter Grasse
Translation: Kawano Hiroko

Special thanks to
Lucy Allen (OFX), Siobhan Dampncy (Hogarth Australia), Ben Pearce (Joy Agency) and Kanazawa College of Art

A short film produced by creativehybird & Mr+Positive (C)2019

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