Solo Show: “Sakura Shibefuru” – Falling cherry petals –

“Sakura Shibefuru” – Falling cherry petals salt / All images © 2021 Motoi Yamamoto

Solo Exhibition: “Sakura Shibefuru” – Falling cherry petals –

In this exhibition, I have been showing installation works on the theme of “cherry blossoms” as well as two-dimensional works created in 1995, which can be said to be the starting point of my work.

Solo Exhibition: “Sakura Shibefuru” – Falling cherry petals –
Mar 9 (Tue) – May 5 (Wed), 2021
Setouchi City Art Museum (Okayama)

Movie (1’00”)

This time I will create an installation with a cherry blossom motif. More than a hundred thousand salt petals in the shape of cherry blossoms will be scattered on the floor.

The title “Sakurashibefuru” (cherry blossom pistils falling) is a haiku term describing late spring. The falling of the red and purple stamens is a time when the flowering season is over and many people lose interest in the cherry blossoms, but it is also a time that gives us a small reminder to think about the new greenery and the high summer that will come next.

I would like to think of the cherry trees in full bloom, of the thick trunks, the supple branches and the strong roots, which over a long period of time have produced layers of salt petals and countless blossoms. I want to imprint the precious memories in my heart once again.

I have installed more than about 100,000 salt petals.

“Existence 95-03” / Mixed media / 1995
“Sakura” / pencil, acrylic paint on wood / 2018
“Sakura” / Crystal glass / 2021

© 2021 Motoi Yamamoto

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