Drawing Book: Floating Garden

Drawing Book: Floating Garden

A book of Yamamoto's drawings featuring his miniature pencil drawings and prints has been published.
This book was created with the kindness and passion of Sophie Cavaliero, a Japanese art researcher, and Valérie Douniaux, the editor. It was also supported by the cultural association CHIBI. Thank you very much

N°6 – FLOATING GARDEN by Motoi Yamamoto

« Motoi Yamamoto’s drawing is the result of a carefully thought-out gesture that is repeated over and over again. The artist is essentially inspired by the forms existing in nature, the spray of the seas, the cherry blossoms and their petals scattered on the ground by a gust of wind, the vortex of a galaxy, the spiral of a whirlwind…
The works presented in this book are a little unusual because they can be preserved, unlike the famous Motoi Yamamoto salt installations, which are recycled and thrown back into the sea at the end of the exhibition… »
Drawings by Motoi Yamamoto
Text by Sophie Cavaliero
Graphic design Olivier Desrousseaux
2020, soft cover / 21 x 15 cm, 58 pages
ISBN : 979-10-95601-28-9
18 €

It can be purchased from the publisher aka. Publisher : aka

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