Rethinking the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Kitaro Nishida Museum of Philosophy, Japan)

Rethinking the Japanese Tea Ceremony

December 3 (Sun.), 2023
Kitaro Nishida Museum of Philosophy (Ishikawa)

An evening tea ceremony will be held at the tranquil and profound Tadao Ando-designed ‘Nishida Kitaro Memorial Philosophy Hall,’ featuring exposed concrete architecture. The hosts of the ceremony are Shiro Miura (architect), Takuo Nakamura (potter), and Jun Ura (architect). In the foyer, a mobile four-and-a-half tatami tea room produced by Rokkakuya will be set up. Please come and enjoy the tea ceremony amidst sound and light.
Details of the tea ceremony Tickets are sold out. Thank you. 

Viewing of Yamamoto’s Works
November 28 (Tue.) – December 3 (Sun.)

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Admission until 4:30 PM)
I will exhibit my digital drawing works in the observation room on the top floor. These works were created for the tea ceremony held at night, but during the above period, they can also be viewed by general visitors. The drawings are projected onto a screen made of salt, so they are almost invisible during the bright daylight. However, they start to become visible during cloudy weather or in the dim light of early evening. The recommended time to visit is just before closing, after 4:30 PM (sunset is at 4:38 PM). An admission fee to the Museum is required (General: 400 yen). Please feel free to drop by.

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